Jewel Legacy

Joy loves to explore so she sets off through the legendary remains to begin her mysterious, fantastic adventure. Descargar Juego “Jewel Legacy”

Jewel Ancient 2: lost tomb gems adventure

Back to the ancient Egypt civilization to find lost gems treasure in Pharaoh tomb with the lovely Priest and the legend lion. Jewel Ancient 2 – the classic jewel match 3 puzzle with new missions, +1000 levels, colorful graphics, and mythical adventure. This free game has well designed puzzles that all people can enjoy. Easy to start, but later levels will challenge you with various missions and obstacles! Can you dare to take the quest and find treasure in lost Pharaoh tomb of ancient Egypt world !? Descargar Juego “Jewel Ancient 2: lost tomb gems adventure”

Jewel Abyss: Match3 puzzle

– Let’s go find the hidden treasure with the underwater underwater creatures! Descargar Juego “Jewel Abyss: Match3 puzzle”

Jewel Hunter – Free Match 3 Games

💎Welcome to JEWEL HUNTER – Addictive fun match 3 puzzle with excellent levels! Descargar Juego “Jewel Hunter – Free Match 3 Games”

Jewel relics

[Jewel relics] Descargar Juego “Jewel relics”

Jewel Games 2020 – Match 3 Jewels & Gems Crush

Jewel Games 2020💎 Descargar Juego “Jewel Games 2020 – Match 3 Jewels & Gems Crush”

Jewel Town – Free Match 3 Game

In jewel💎town, a cart broke down when the farmer was in the middle of transporting his food. Descargar Juego “Jewel Town – Free Match 3 Game”

Jewel Ancient: find treasure in Pyramid

In Egypt Pyramid temple, there are lost treasure that full of gems and jewels. It’s time for you to have a quest to find lost diamond and jewel in the ancient Pyramid with over 20 missions . Don’t worry about hearts or Internet connection, it’s a simple rule brain classic game, so just enjoy match 3 jewelry fun with 1000 levels and more to come! Descargar Juego “Jewel Ancient: find treasure in Pyramid”

Jewel Mystery

Jewel Mystery, explore diamond and treasures in the dream garden. Descargar Juego “Jewel Mystery”

Jewel Castle™ – Classical Match 3 Puzzles

Welcome to Jewel Castle.🏰An ancient style free match 3 puzzle game.Find out🧐the mystery of the jewel gems journey.💎Embark on a magic puzzle adventure.There are a lot of treasure in ancient ruins,but there also are full of adventrue events to prevent you to find treasure.💰 Descargar Juego “Jewel Castle™ – Classical Match 3 Puzzles”