Fort Conquer

Waves of monsters have evolved and are rushing towards your territory. Build up your loyal troop and train them for the battle! You must defend your own tower and conquer the opponent’s fort! Descargar Juego “Fort Conquer”

Escape The Ayuwoki Horror Fort

Say hello to your new neighbor the Ayuwoki and escape this jacksons mansion. Each time you hear ayuwoki hee hee, run and hide as your new neighbor eni ayuwoki, who keeps you in jacksons fort prison, is running to get rid of you. Do your best to escape the jacksons fort prison to forget the horror of the ayuwoki. Run as fast as you can, hide under every available piece of furniture, and do everything to escape from the eni ayuwoki. When you hear ayuwoki hee hee, you better hurry as your new neighbor is incoming. Escape jacksons manor in our new horror escapade simulator: Escape The Ayuwoki Horror Fort. Escape the ayuwoki and jacksons fort prison to forget the horror of ayuwoki hee hee. Descargar Juego “Escape The Ayuwoki Horror Fort”