Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3

Empires & Puzzles is a completely new take on match 3 puzzle games, combining RPG elements, raids and building a mighty castle – topped with thrilling PVP duels. Join the battle now! Descargar Juego “Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3”

MythWars & Puzzles: RPG Match 3

War between the gods have brought destruction and chaos to the mortal world. The world of man are lost. What will you do in these dark ages to change the fate of this world? Descargar Juego “MythWars & Puzzles: RPG Match 3”

Park Town: Match 3 Puzzles with a story!

A large park in the city center is about to be sold?! You cannot allow that to happen! Join the game and solve match 3 puzzles to save the park from destruction and fill it with lovely animals from across the globe. Descargar Juego “Park Town: Match 3 Puzzles with a story!”

Extreme Balancer 3

Extreme Balancer 3 is an adventurous game in which you have to balance the ball and reach to the boat by escaping the traps. The whole surrounding is full of water and you have to balance the ball on the wooden bridges by avoiding the obstacle and you have to reach the boat without falling in water. Descargar Juego “Extreme Balancer 3”

Demetrios Chapter 3

Demetrios is a quirky adventure game packed with tons of humor! Descargar Juego “Demetrios Chapter 3”

Demolition Derby 3

The new “Demolition Derby 3” game features many requests by players from our previous game and many of the same features that helped DD2 reach over 15 million downloads! Descargar Juego “Demolition Derby 3”

Car Eats Car 3 – Racing Game

Up for a fight against rivals in a dynamic race on the highway? Legendary car game and action arcade is coming back! Overtake enemies and escape from cops in Car Eats Car 3! Your friends are put to prison – do everything you can to free evil cars! Good driving skills and turbo speed come in handy in this crazy driving simulator and a police chase game. Become a car tycoon, upgrade cars, and play for monster cars against the cops! Fight the boss to survive in these ultimate crazy races! Descargar Juego “Car Eats Car 3 – Racing Game”

Puzzle Wings: match 3 games

Journey with lovely chick family to adventure in the world. Swap and match 3 or more of identical colorful fruit to blast. Create as many amazing boosters as you can to clean up the plate. Show off your skills in Puzzle Wings! Descargar Juego “Puzzle Wings: match 3 games”

Tropicats: Match 3 Games on a Tropical Island

Meet the adorable cats and kittens of TROPICATS! Play, Build & Decorate a tropical cats island while playing one of the cutest 3 match games free! Descargar Juego “Tropicats: Match 3 Games on a Tropical Island”

Funny Farm match 3 Puzzle game!

Here is a key of your farm. Descargar Juego “Funny Farm match 3 Puzzle game!”