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Vip Miner: Crafting Game

You are a vip miner in this crafting game. In the game, you will transform into a miner in a vast world, your mission is to collect resources, build a home, explore the world and make your kingdom grow up every day.
You can build, create, even survive, anything you can creative and survival .
If you are a fan of open world games then this is exactly what you are looking for, because our universe is endless, there are no limits, moreover: it’s completely free (although sometimes in-game ads can bother you).
The game also features multiplayer mode through the wife, where you can play with friends and show off your achievements.
Have fun playing the game, and if you like this game, please give us 5 stars so we have more motivation to develop the game.
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Thank you very much.Download Vip Miner: Crafting Game for free
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