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Tiny Swipers

Create your Swiper, trace it, color it and make up a legendary story.

With Tiny Swipers you can create hundreds of legendary characters just by sliding your finger across the screen. Add funny accessories and make them come alive with its original and amazing Light Box Mode. Trace your character on a paper, color it and create its legend.

In addition, joining the three pieces of the same character, you will discover his curious legend and will be able to add it to the Tiny Swipers album.

You can combine the different categories of characters: horrible monsters, brave heroes, magical fairies and charming princes. Make your own unique and legendary character. Among the funny accessories you will find hats, glasses, unicorns, a dragon and even a colored poop. There are lots of possible combinations. Have fun personalizing your Swiper.

You can also add different themed environments to give it an atmosphere of unparalleled fiction.

Give an original name to your character to become part of the Swipers´great legend.

Screenshot your Swipers and save them on your photo reel. Collect them, print them and share them with whoever you want.

Once you have chosen your Swiper´s look, bring it to live with the Light Box Mode. Trace your character on a paper and color it to give it a unique and distinctive style.

Make your own paper creations from your Swipers: albums, posters, stories, letters… Fun keep going on out of the screen.

In coming updates there will be more characters, more accessories and new game modes that will make you enjoy, even more, with Tiny Swipers.

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