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Think Tap Arrange – Brain Game

The gameplay is literally in the name of the game. You need to ‘Think’, ‘Tap’ and ‘Arrange’. 100 interesting levels.

Arrange real world objects in the order from smallest to largest or from largest to smallest.
Test and boost your skills with variety of objects like animals, fruits, vegetables, vehicles and many more.
Become a sort expert by playing these challenging levels. As you progress in the game you will find new objects.
You will find new words which increases your vocabulary. You will also learn object names with images.
Learn concepts like Big Vs Small, Increasing vs Decreasing.
You can compare the size with different objects which helps in increasing your sorting skills.
Levels will be updated regularly.
There is timer in the game. Arrange fast to win the trophies. These virtual rewards will motivate and inspire you.

No Ads. No In-app purchases. Fun guaranteed.

How to play the game?
Tap on each image to select it. Check the order from smaller to bigger or from bigger to smaller in the placeholder boxes. If you think its correct then click on submit button. If you think its wrong then click on clear button and sort again. If you complete before the progress bar completes then you will win a trophy or you will win a fish bone.
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