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Sins Raid

The Most Innovative SRPG is here!
Begin your journey as the Heroes of Light!

Sins Raid Europe Soft Launch is LIVE now!

*Key Features*

[Ultimate RPG Experience]
– Sins Raid brings back the Boss fights, the MMO Holy Trinity and the loot system of traditional AAA titles, transferring them into a mobile MMORPG experience in a minimalistic form.
– Take command of your Heroes and vanquish the demons of the 7 Sins.
– Join a Guild, and party up with players worldwide.
– Or, travel as a lone wolf. Rise up to become the Champion of the Land.

[Innovative Control Scheme]
– One finger, or two, is all you need to control the Heroes.
– Creative Battlefield Design – move and dodge Boss skills by swiping your finger, navigating the battlefield in a circular motion to avoid enemy spells.
– Packed with all the combat mechanics that you can think of – CCs, disables, interruptions and more. Easy to control, difficult to master!

[Epic Boss Battles]
– Faceoff against creatively designed Boss fights that will put your skills to the test.
– Enjoy a carnival of masterfully crafted Dungeons.
– A unique encounter, for both Hardcore and Casual gamers.

[All for One, One for All]
– This is a game where both multiplayer and single-player coexists.
– No social pressure. Play it solo, co-op with friends, or join a Guild to meet players worldwide.
– This is your game, your playstyle. Play however you want, with whoever you want.

[Real-Time Battles]
– Yes, turn-based SRPGs are fun and tactical. But why can’t it be real-time?
– Well, now it can!
– Sins Raid combines the strategic thinking of successful tactical turn-based games with exciting real-time combat that challenges both your mind and your skills.
– Now, let the real challenge begin!

Please note: As Sins Raid is still in Soft Launch, there is only English version available.

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