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Resort Hotel: Bay Story

Who doesn’t dream of a summer adventure full of sandy beaches, ocean breeze, and palm trees? There is a fun way to distract from reality! Join a blast holiday at Resort Hotel! It’s a free hotel builder game combined with relaxing Match-3 puzzles and hot boosters! Fulfill the ambitious goals of building and designing your unique beach resort hotel and a tropical garden!

Dive into a cute story!
Follow the adventures of Alice, a cute girl who arrives at her uncle’s resort to restore its former beauty. Dive into an intriguing story and start transforming the area to your liking! This is the first resort hotel builder and Match-3 game that is full of personality and interesting characters. Watch its fun story like a movie! Relaxing seaside resort locations, interesting design tasks, numerous quests, thought-provoking puzzles – that’s everything any casual gamer could desire!

Solve the relaxing match-3 puzzles!
The relaxing atmosphere of the game will take you on an unforgettable Match-3 journey. Match elements, blast bombs, and clear the Match-3 board like a real puzzle guru! By finding the smart combinations, you can slowly but steadily create a new island resort. After successful passing a match-3 level, you’ll open a new design task of refurbishing the hotel.

Build the resort hotel of your dreams!
In this popular Match-3 game, you’ll build your own vacation resort. Upgrade your hotel to the luxury destination everyone dreams to visit! You’ll have numerous design options at your disposal as you level up! Open new stores, bars, and other leisure and sports facilities, renovate your garden, decorate tropical locations, and attract tourists. Resort Hotel is in your creative hands now!

Enjoy colorful settings!
Colorful locations of Resort Hotel will take you to a different world – the world of eternal summer, beaches, and resort hotels customized to your liking. Beautiful decorations and detailed interiors are a part of the visual delight! The more successful you are in this game, the more imaginative options you’ll have to design and customize your Resort Hotel property.

Use unique boosters and blast combinations!
Resort Hotel is a puzzle adventure that combines hotel building and design experience as well as a Match-3 game mechanism. By matching more identical elements, you’ll easily blast each level and will move closer to your goal of building an attractive hotel on your private beach. By combining four or more Match-3 elements, you’ll get awesome boosters! Collect helpful boosters that make it easier to win this game!

Play tournaments and climb the ranks!
Besides building and designing your resort hotel and gardens, you can play new Match-3 tournaments based around different fun themes throughout the year! Compete with your friends and other players around the globe! Put your gaming skills to the test! Climb up the rankings ladder! May the best win!

Connect and team up!
Resort Hotel is the friendliest game ever! By solving Match-3 puzzles together, competing in fun tournaments and helping each other, you’ll keep in touch with old friends and make new playmates worldwide!

✿ Free to play
✿ Hundreds of challenging Match-3 puzzles with unique mechanics
✿ Building simulation experience
✿ Exciting storyline, fun characters
✿ Relaxing atmosphere, vivid graphics
✿ Plenty of facilities, decoration items, and plants available
✿ Daily rewards
✿ Helpful boosters
✿ Various clothes choices
✿ Additional quest lines
✿ Play with friends: take part in competitions, exchange lives
✿ Possibility to play offline
✿ Optimized for all modern devices

Resort Hotel is a popular “three-in-a-row” puzzle game with excellent mechanics and story! Explore a fun way to escape the stress and boredom of everyday life! Prove your management skills in this great hotel builder game combined with the best Match-3 puzzle gameplay!
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