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Monster Pinball Shooter

Gameplay guide
🔮 – Use your finger to click and slide the magic pinball to aim at the monster
🔮 – Select the best angle and launch the magic pinball
🔮 – Use your exclusive skills to give the monster a critical strike
🔮 消 – After destroying the monster, get the key, open the treasure chest, get the treasure chest to upgrade the magic pinball

🎊 victory secret
💎 – Use the wonderful pinball angle and skill to hit the monster multiple times
💎 – The more the number of bounces in the monster group, the better, which can cause more damage and win high combo rewards.
💎-Upgrade skills make you stronger
💎 – Unlock advanced characters to gain more powerful magic power

❤️ game features
🍀 – A free arcade game that exercises your brain.
🍀 – Hundreds of ingeniously designed levels and monsters of various shapes are waiting for you to explore
🍀 – Wonderful picture performance and cool skills release
🍀 – the best choice for killing time
🍀-It’s time to play, you want to play where you want to play.
🍀-Arcane, flame, thunder, ice, four different characters, experience different magical powers

In the magic bomb, you will transform into a magician with powerful magical power to drive the monster army out of your home. Hone the ball skills, upgrade the magic skills, one without destroying the monsters, defend the kingdom, you are the next big magician! In the game, you will be in different scenes such as buried bones, stone city, volcanic lava, fight with all kinds of powerful monsters, pay attention to their fighting style, and adjust your shooting strategy, so that you can step by step and win a big victory. Also pay attention to your magic barrier in battle, that is your last fortress!

Magic bombs will continue to increase the character type, and regularly enrich your gameplay to expand your magician career. Any new ideas, please feel free to contact us!
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