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Let’s Break Stuff! Premium

Added: Level editor! Create and play your own levels! Online sharing system for player-created levels just added – download levels made by other players.

The slingshot game where you smash up plates, glasses and crockery. Fully 3D and physics controlled, with lots of fun sound effects. High-score tables and 18 hand-built levels (with more to download!) HD graphics quality.

Everyone likes to break stuff. It’s more fun than getting angry with birds, tossing paper or knocking cans!


“Let’s face it – there is something about shooting off a slingshot and breaking things that is just plain old fun… overall this is a great time killer and an awesome way to vent out some daily frustration” —

“Visuals are all rendered in 3D with plenty of sound effects and scenes … a good stress reliever for when you feel like just breaking stuff … a neat little game” —
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