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High Jump

High Jump 🎉

We are here with brand new game experience. Playing High Jump is easier than you think. All you have to do is swipe to play and enjoy endless High Jump. It is time to climb colorfull bricks with colorfull background.

Come on, jump! Higher then ever!

High Jump is endless jump – climb game. Changing colors and speed will give you hard but fun game experience while you play. With exciting music and mesmerizing colors, High Jump will give you chance to compete with whole world. You have to be careful to climb leaderboards.

With endless jump game style, you will earn coins to buy new skins and play as baseball, banana or even as donut and much more. Who doesnt want be a watermelon and climb to top?

Be careful to buffs and debuffs while trying to climb highest point. One can make you fly to great distances while other make bricks small.

High Jump is best jumping game to spend hours with endless and colorfull background. Get ready to irreplaceable game in your smart phone.


If you have epilepsy or such a condition, consult your doctor before playing this game.
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