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Heroes in the Sky Origin: HIS

HIS Online has gone mobile!
“Heroes in the Sky Origin: HIS” – Dynamic Flight Shooting Action Game

Play just 10 minutes and you will be mesmerized!
GMs will give you plenty of gifts! Come claim them!

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Join the battle in World War II with your mobile device!
This is the best military action game ever!

Core features of HIS Online have been fully converted for the mobile environment!
Mobile Optimization + Contents and Systems of HIS Origin!

Upgrade your airplane and complete exciting missions.

■■■■■ Game Mode ■■■■■

This is where you can manage your airplanes
Equip items to upgrade performance

You can produce and enhance your airplanes
Each class of airplanes (fighter, bomber, controller, etc.) can be upgraded

There are various missions, including aerial dogfights, bombing, and escorting.
Single-play and real-time multi-play (up to 4 players)

A massive battle between the Allied Forces and the Axis Powers
A siren will go off to signify a Domination battle

▷Weapon Research Facility
You can enhance your weapons and equipment
Additional attributes will be created starting from Enhancement Grade 6

▷Skill Research Facility
You can equip and upgrade skills
There are common and dedicated (fighter, bomber, controller) skills

▷Air Division (Guild)
An Air Division will be run by the chief of the division
Collect Air Division Points to level up

▷Airspace (Town)
A community space for everyone, regardless of faction
Communication, trade, and airplane information checkup will be available

▷Team (Party)
A team can be established with up to 4 players, led by a leader
Only players within the same faction may join the same team

Hard Mode consists of a boss and powerful opponents
Real-time multi-play with up to 6 players

You can try 15 stages in order
Gems, XP, and items will be rewarded

Enjoy PVP, regardless of faction
PVP modes are available from 1 vs 1 to 6 vs 6

You can get quests from NPCs
Try out high difficulty quests!

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