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Eternal Sword M

Thanks for coming, warriors, thanks
As you seen, our world was cursed, ruined thousands of times by a chaos force and have to face its destined destruction. No mortal can stand this incredible power, even a hero like you.
But there is still last sole hope, that sword, The eternal sword! Bring it and cut the loop, save the world from its end. We all count on you!

An action MMORPG with stunning graphics and breathtaking combat experience
-Build yourself with tons of skills and talents
-Use your secondary class wisely

Save a vast world close to destruction
-Experience an exciting story about time travelling
-Make the future different via your choice

Outfits, mounts, wings and artifacts, customize a unique hero
-Upgrade your mounts and wings to unlock more FREE appearance
-Raid mighty bosses for epic artifact drops
-Collect outfits and dye them your favorite color

Team up with your friends to explore a vast world
-Well-designed PVE dungeons require good team Co-operation
-Drive powerful mobile suits to protect teammates and defeat ancient golems

Defeat all challengers and claim the crown
-Show your courage and skills to acquire abundant spoils
-Make your own elite team and fighting for glory

Fight for the honor of guild
-Defeat other guilds with strategy and power in GVG MOBA battles
-Hot spring, pray and quiz events, enjoy your guild life with comrades
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