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Electric Energy Tycoon

Electric Energy Tycoon is the management game that provides a complete experience. It has a wide range of technologies that will help you to become the electricity tycoon.

Plug transformers into power plant, solar panels into transformers and start to profit!

Buy enhancements that maximize gains by increasing the power capacity of the desired technology!

Build research centers to accumulate research points and with them, unlock new technologies!

Buy new lands and destroy nature to expand your empire!

Build a heliport to travel to the other map!

Order coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear material in the port. You can use these materials as fuel for Nuclear and Steam technologies.

Electric Energy Tycoon has the following technologies:
  – Solar;
  – Wind;
  – Steam;
  – Wheel of Water / Hydroelectric;
  – Nuclear.

Are you ready to start your empire?

Technical information:
  – Configurable graphic quality.
  – Game totally offline, data saved on your device.
  – It turns well in an Asus Zenfone 2 with medium quality.
You can copy your save to other devices!
The saved game file can be found at: “Android / data / com.LightningBolt.ElectricEnergyTycoon / files /”

If the file is deleted, all progress will be lost.
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