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Cubic Lab 3D: Puzzle pieces & Physics Jigsaw

Enter the cubic laboratory, use your ingenuity and create a mobile based on mechanics and physics with objects (lever, balls, domino pieces, etc) and elements Puzzle pieces & Physics Jigsaw with different strategies. Inventing your maze!

Your initial goal is to break the bottles that appear in each scenario, for the purpose of your business and your imagination to create the mechanics that take you to crush the bottles.

You face objects with real physics very manageable and with a very intuitive control. The game is designed with 3D with the idea of ​​making it more realistic and allows you to enter the world of 3D Puzzles in an amazing way, so we have created graphics and pleasant and realistic atmosphere.

If you get stuck do not worry, contact the Old Inventor and he will give you clues at every moment.
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