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Brains ‘N Bells – Full version

Logic and reflection game, generally appreciated by chess players, sudoku, math enthousiasts and programers, Brains’ N Bells offers challenges of all levels. Train your brain by solving its formidable puzzles, however without stress: No time limit or number of trials and levels of progressive difficulty playable in any order: Failing to solve a level does not mean that you can not continue the game. Full version.

-Absolutely No Ads.
-100 additional levels of increasing difficulty.
-Simple goal: get enough blue balls and take the exit.
-No time limit or number of retry.
-Play the levels in any order.
-Play with music or in silence or only with sound effects.
-Jigsaw puzzles ranging from simplicity to great complexity.
-Intuitive and simple controls.
-A game adapted to the mobile interface.
-Moderate use of battery.
-No internet connection required.
-No intrusive permissions!
-You support a small independent development team ­čÖé

You’re a fan of puzzle games and logic games, Brains’ n Bells is made for you !
Good game.Download Brains ‘N Bells – Full version for free
Free download Brains ‘N Bells – Full version :